Disposal Well Monitoring and Control System

The Innovative Technology, Ltd. Disposal Well Monitoring and Control System is an affordable way to manage the operation of your injection well site. With our system you can control and log access to off-loading with an easy to use touch screen kiosk. Our system gives you real-time control, monitoring, and logging of your site’s systems, including tank levels, flow meters, pumps, alarms, and more. Controlling and maintaining our system is as easy as opening a web browser. Your site’s data is managed and securely stored locally and in the cloud for easy off-site access. Our system also includes many of the reports you’ll need for the day-to-day management of your site, including customer statements, system maintenance logs, and state filings.

Custom Configured

Each of our Disposal Well Monitoring and Control System are custom configured to work with your site's existing and new equipment.

Control Access

With our Disposal Well Monitoring and Control System you can control and track who has access to your site and data.

Your customers have a pin number their drivers have to enter into the kiosk before they're allowed to off-load. Not only does this control access to your site, but it also tracks who, when, what, and how much was delivered.

On the office side of things our system is rights managed, so you only allow access to what information your staff needs. Allow the billing department to get those reports they need to process statements. Give your maintenance staff and operators access to see the current status and history of how the equipment is running. And give the managers at the corporate office the ability to see how the site is running from day-to-day.

Off-Site Control

Our Disposal Well Monitoring and Control System can not only be monitored, configured, and controlled on-site, but much of it can be off-site too. Your data is synced with a cloud based system that gives you access to your information when you needed it wherever you are. Add customer and driver access from the office. View the status of your equipment from your smart phone. Reset your entire system with a click of the mouse.

Service & Support

Innovative Technology, Ltd. has over 37 years experience in working with the energy industry and information technology. Our team of professionals are ready to help with installing, configuring, maintaining, and supporting your Disposal Well Monitoring and Control System equipment and infrastructure.