ITL Managed Backup Service

Managed Backup Service

You can't anticipate what will disrupt your business, you need a disaster recovery solution that's flexible and protects you from a simple user error that deletes a critical file to a tornado that wipes your office off the map.

Now that you've decided you need a backup solution make sure you don't just get a partial solution, one that only backs up the data files. Without a backup of your program files you will be presented with another devastating problem when come time to restore your backup to new hardware. Recreating your information from just a data backup on new hardware can take many days. With our total backup system we can ensure that your data and programs can be completely restored even on different hardware in a matter of minutes or hours, not days or weeks, should the unexpected occur.

An End-to-End Disaster Recovery Solution

Disasters come in many shapes and sizes tornados, hurricanes or floods are some things that pop to mind. Many data losses are caused by "human nature not mother nature" e.g. accidental deletion, malicious employees or viruses/malware. Power outages are another big cause of data loss.

How do we accomplish this?

We take a reliable image of your computer that preserves the data and programs as they change over time. A copy of your backup stays at your location and we maintain a copy at our secure facility. We will and you can monitor all of your backups from a single web portal. We ensure that the backups are being done correctly and the information is able to be restored when needed, we are always available when any problem occurs. With our Hardware Independent Restore Technology, you can restore to any machine, whether it's physical or virtual, regardless of manufacturer or model. You can run any image as a virtual machine, so while you're waiting for new hardware, you can keep your business running with a single laptop. Our solution is designed to make maintaining both onsite and offsite back ups easy, you're protected whether it's a human or a hurricane that shuts you down.

To Recap

First you need to get a good backup. Second you need to be sure the backups work. Third you need to replicate these backups somewhere else. Fourth, after a disaster strikes, you can restore your data quickly regardless of the new hardware or the scope of the disaster.

Or, by using our backup service and the patented HeadStart Restore (TM) technology to pre-stage your recovery so when something goes wrong, you can restore with a click of a button.

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