ITL Digital Phone Service & Repair

Digital Phone Service

Small businesses, want to save money on your phone bill?

If you own a small business and are getting tired of paying too much for phone service, you need to give us a call. We've been converting a lot of companies over to our Digital Phone Service and they LOVE it! You'll get new up to date phones with great features like:

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling
  • Caller ID
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail, including option to forward to email
  • On-Hold Music
  • Call Transfer, including to your mobile phone
  • Ringing Groups
  • Call Parking
  • Paging
  • Call forwarding
  • Incoming Fax to PDF
  • Speed Dial
  • Time Conditions
  • Call Conferencing
  • Local On-Site Service and Support

Why A Digital Phone System?

You can save substantially by installing a digital phone system using your existing computer network. A digital phone system allows you to use your internet connection as a transmission medium for telephone calls. That means no more long distance bills or dealing with big arrogant phone companies. Setting up a digital phone system couldn't be easier, you'll just need a server and a few phones, then we can set up your digital phone system without having to call an expensive phone company consultant from out of town. You can keep your existing phone numbers for a trouble free change over.

No need for separate phone wiring, use your existing computer network wiring. A digital phone system allows you to connect phones directly to a standard computer network port which can also be shared with an adjacent computer.

Our digital phone system comes with a rich feature set including auto attendant, voice mail, call queuing, and more. These options can be expensive with a proprietary phone system. It's often said that you'll get twice the features for half the price when you install a digital phone system.

Investing in a digital phone system makes a lot of sense, not only for new companies buying a phone system for the first time but also for those who already have an old PBX with few features and wish to upgrade. This new phone system delivers significant savings in management, maintenance and ongoing call costs, so everyone should investigate upgrading to this type of modern phone system.


Office Phone Repair Service

Got office phone problems? Get local techs on-site today!

Is your office phone system starting to age and you can't find anyone to work on it?

Give us a call. We have experience in installing and servicing phone systems from many different manufactures, including Nortel, NEC, and Panasonic.

We can troubleshoot your system from phone to PBX, rewire or run new cable, or help you replace your entire system with an affordable digital phone service.

Get local on-site service and support today. We've been serving Elk City, western Oklahoma and the eastern Texas panhandle since 1981.

Call us at 580-243-1559 and discover what our team can do for you.